Providing Dynamic Public Announcements and Direction Guiding System

wayfinderPost is application software that CAYIN especially develops for public spaces where conveying announcements, promoting events, and guiding directions are frequent and crucial. This software is designed to cooperate with CAYIN SMP-NEO series products. By integrating wayfinderPost’s editing and managerial functions, CAYIN’s digital signage player can present dynamic public announcements and direction guidance more easily.
4 Easy Steps to Create a Signage

Four Easy Steps to Create a Signage

wayfinderPost provides the content editing platform with easy operational workflow, which comprises in four simple steps:

STEP 1 : add a new display
STEP 2 : select a template
STEP 3 : modify template settings
STEP 4 : enter data

*The first three steps only have to be configured at setup.
For daily maintenance, users only need to update data accordingly.
Pre-designed Templates for Instant Adoption

Pre-designed Templates for Instant Adoption

wayfinderPost provides various pre-designed templates both in portrait and landscape displays that allow users to adopt easily and quickly. Users can also customize displays by changing logo, background image, as well as colors and sizes of texts based on actual needs.

A Wide Variety of Applications

The software provides various templates, which can be applied in different occasions with great flexibility. Applications include, but not limited to, the following four examples.

Special Event and Wayfinding Digital Signage Illustration

Special Event and Wayfinding

The screen can be used to strongly promote an event before it begins. Event participants can be easily guided to the right location by the screen, showing the event name and time, accompanying with a direction arrow and attractive images. This can be applied to wedding banquets, seminars, get-together, etc.
eeting Information and Direction Digital Signage Illustration

Meeting Information and Direction

This system, integrating with meetingPost, can display today’s meeting on the screen, along with the direction of the meeting room of each event respectively. It can improve the traffic flow and guide the event participants to the right meeting room.
Service Facility Sign and Direction Digital Signage Illustration

Service Facility Sign and Direction

wayfinderPost provides an easy platform for owners of hotels or convention centers to show all visitor where the service facilities are, such as toilet, entrance, elevator, parking lot, information center, etc.
Floor Plan Digital Signage Illustration

Floor Plan

wayfinderPost can assist in creating a simple floor plan by selecting built-in symbols, entering the introduction of each floor, and uploading self-designed pictures.

Manual and Auto Data Input

Users can enter data via the following two methods:
Enter wayfinder data manually

Enter wayfinder data manually

After selecting a template, users can manually enter texts or choose images in each column based on the selected template.
Retrieve live data from meetingPost

Retrieve live data from meetingPost

When wayfinderPost is incorporated with meetingPost, users can choose to automatically retrieve data, such as meeting room’s name, logo, topic, time, etc. from meetingPost, without manually repeating data entry.

Built-in Useful Icons of Your Choices

wayfinderPost provides many useful icons, such as arrows, numbers, alphabets, and common signs and symbols. Users can adopt these images quickly; meanwhile, you can always upload your own designs, if the suitable icons aren't available in the collection.
Built-in Useful Icons

Complimentary Basic System Module

System module provides administrators with system information, equipped with managerial functions on user accounts and software licenses.

Integrating with meetingPost

meetingPost shares saved meeting information with wayfinderPost, providing both meeting information and signpost simultaneously without repeating information input process.

Easy Remote Management and Control

wayfinderPost provides web-based user interface, and requires only simple and intuitive operation skills. Administrators can sit in the office and remotely change the information displayed by typing and effortless operation. No more going to-and-fro is needed!

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