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Sophisticated Embedded Software for SMP Digital Signage Player

More powerful! More intuitive! SMP-NEO2 is the next-generation digital signage software, tailor-made for CAYIN’s versatile digital signage players. It adopts cutting-edge technology and integrates the advantages of web-based and zone-type media players in previous versions. Embedded in SMP players, SMP-NEO2 gives you the ability to manage remotely from your web browser without installing any additional software.
Reorganize the structures
Reorganize the structures

Re-design of the Interface

Reorganize the structure

SMP-NEO2 has a whole new structure. Similar functions have been combined. Sections with different configuration options have been rearranged in separate tabs. All adjustments of the structure contribute to a clearer and more concise user interface.
Streamline your browsing

Streamline your browsing

All navigation menus are located on top of the window, giving you a more spacious information area. Unnecessary settings have been hidden. Related configurations have been arranged orderly in two columns. By making the most of limited screen space, SMP-NEO2 minimizes scrolling and maximizes operational efficiency.
Streamline your browsing
Streamline your browsing
Streamline your browsing

Visualize admin console

A picture is worth a thousand words. SMP-NEO2 has a fresh new look. It adequately utilizes various visualizations, such as infographics, calendars, maps, icons, and network topologies to present data visually and helps you get your hands on it instantly.
Simplify language selection

Simplify language selection

SMP-NEO2, the globalized software, is designed to support the languages of many countries. The multilingual user interface currently has 12 built-in languages. You can select your favorite language before log in. Otherwise, switching between different languages is just two clicks away.

Great New Feature Enhancements

Easy Storage Expansion

Media storage demand for dynamic content is at an all time high. To provide you with the flexibility of storage management, SMP-NEO2 gives the option to mount an external storage of choice on SMP players, whether it’s a USB flash drive or an external hard disk. Simply plug it in and you will find it in the settings for Media Folder.

HD Video Streaming

All SMP-NEO2 players now support an external USB HDMI capture card (sold separately). You may choose the suitable solution depending on the scale of the project- enabling the AV input in a stand-alone solution with each SMP player, or broadcast the signal using a CMS server.

Facilitate remote management

SMP-NEO2 provides a dashboard to show you vital, real-time system information via graphic presentations. You can learn about the model, location, display settings, and patch information of the SMP player at a glance. You can also monitor key operational activities, such as system resource usage, CPU temperature, fan speed, and network topology to perform a quick diagnostic.

Diversify playback options

SMP-NEO2 greatly enhances multimedia playback functions and gives you three playback modes. Now you can divide the screen into several zones or pack all zones into one program for a special holiday. You can also edit playlists to show full-screen digital posters. All you need to do is complete playback settings and assign a specific content source, then the screen will display immediately.

Integrate web services

SMP players are designed as an open structure to embrace the outside world. You can show a web page from a remote link or capture only a selected area within it. SMP-NEO2 even unprecedentedly integrates two popular web services, Twitter and weather, into its user interface. With just a few clicks, you can customize the layout of the two services to match your own digital signage presentations.

Preview contents

SMP-NEO2 allows you to preview your work by its playback simulator so that adjustments can be made easily based on the overall presentation before you publish the content. Moreover, SMP-NEO2 offers “what you see is what you get” service after the content is published. The system will generate real-time screen snapshots for you to monitor current playback status remotely.

Create templates online

Designing your own digital signage presentation can’t be easier! Now you can create your own templates on any PC with a web browser. SMP-NEO2 is equipped with a web-based Skin Editor. You can perform a drag-and-drop operation to define the size and the location of each zone directly from SMP players.

Increase scheduling flexibility

SMP-NEO2 has enormously enhanced the scheduling function to achieve the flexibility of playback arrangements. Contents with different playback modes or media types can be arranged based on once, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly timescales in the master schedule. You can even take a further step to set schedules for each zone separately in the sub-schedule.

Enrich signage presentations

We understand that content is critical to the success of digital signage. SMP-NEO2 not only opens a new section, Library, to assist you in organizing all raw materials you need to create digital contents but also luxuriously provides free downloads of many stylish templates and clocks from CAYIN’s Cloud service to greatly enrich your content.

Offer 24/7 online help

You can always get help whenever you come across a question. SMP-NEO2 integrates detailed user manuals into the web-based user interface. Just click HELP on top of the window, then you can acquire the latest reference information, navigating you through the learning process. The older versions of user guides are also accessible.

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